MindfulnessActivities.com is a growing creative community.     It is a work in progress.

  • Practice of mindfulness through creative activities
  • Developing personal layers and meaning to creative activities through play and self awareness
  • Using mindful creativity to enhance cognitive skills and mental/physical health. 

Judith Martinovich MSocSc MA(Couns). I am a retired psychologist who has specialized in using creativity for expression beyond conventional language, often with individuals with developmental, cognitive or social challenges.    I believe we all have innate strengths and resources to draw on.   Creative thinking and doing is an effective way to explore and use those resources.

I’ve worked with chronic pain and illness, anxiety and depression, and developmental disorders, in schools and private practice in Australia and the U.S.; and authored a book “Creative Expressive Activities and Asperger’s Syndrome”,   http://www.jkp.com/uk/creative-expressive-activities-and-asperger-s-syndrome.html   and a resource for places like Yale Medical School   https://medicine.yale.edu/childstudy/autism/resource/socialskills.aspx

With a background in Industrial Textile Design and Screenprinting, I enjoy all forms of creativity as a form of authentic expression and connection to others, in ways that are enjoyable and beneficial.

I currently facilitate small groups in Brisbane – see  Workshops  – and work individually with adults with cognitive challenges.     I welcome the opportunity to connect and share with teachers of other forms of creativity – music, movement, drama – or people who use mindfulness in a healing practice.

The small studio at Fig Tree Pocket, Brisbane, is open with faith that people who can use it will find it.

  • A place to relax, destress and play……   Please become one of this creative community and family.   I’d like to get to know you and for you to make genuine friendships here.
  • A place to develop an understanding of your own inner resources, to reflect and express the person you are in an environment of respect and safety…. enabling you to practice an active mindfulness.   I would highly recommend using the studio to start or support an art journal (a variation on Morning Pages, or altered books….)
  • A place for you to develop the technical part of your art through the expression of your own authentic self.   (However, I hope you will use this environment to make your art authentic and meaningful, not just technically clever.)

I look forward to meeting you, either in person or through email.          Sincerely,     Judy