We are 60-70 percent water;   70 percent of the earth is covered with water. We would die quickly without it and in developing countries women and girls spend a quarter of their time collecting it.   It is, according to Jung, symbolic of the collective unconscious.   And it is beautiful, represented in countless images and forms of creative expression.

Water is receptive to your energy.   The molecular structure changes in response to positive and negative emotions and intentions.   For example, love increases the energy of water, hate decreases energy.   Many other surprising characteristics can be found in this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W80mHIGg9v0

Your thoughts and intentions have unrealized power.   Increased awareness harnesses your power. Mindfulness Activity Focus on a drop of water. Practice positive energy, gratitude and love while focusing on it.   Be aware that the water is responding to your energy and changing structure in response to it. Extend your point of focus to express the experience through paint, movement, music……

Inspiration Link An interesting and relevant link is the work of Alan Goldsworthy – a sculptor who “manifests a sympathetic contact with the natural world”, including water.   An inspiring and beautiful video on “Rivers and Tides” on this page, capturing water as it changes form.a sympathetic contact with the natural worlda sympathetic contact with the natural worlda sympathetic contact with the natural world http://visualmelt.com/Andy-Goldsworthy You are invited to add to this blog with your knowledge of water (rain, creek, distilled, ice….) and to increase our awareness and respect for it.