Warm up exercise. State the intention at the beginning of your mindfulness exercise to increase awareness of this experience through images.

Don’t be concerned about remembering. Once we’ve experienced or become aware of something, it is yours, it will stay with you. After the exercise you will be able to recall and translate to canvas, or music, movement and so on.

Go into a mindfulness exercise that you feel comfortable with.   Relax and open your mind to being sensitive and aware of yourself – where you are, now. When you’ve reached a state of relaxed alertness…. Observe the following in your mind’s eye.

Breathing.   When your point of focus is your breathing, what colour are you breathing?   Does your breath take a shape?   As it moves, what energy does it have?   Make a mental note and let it go.

Discomfort   If you feel discomfort or are in pain, observe and make a note of what shape, color, form that could take.   Is it sharp or dull, does it come in waves?   Does it fully encompass you or is it located in a specific place? Can you detach and become an observer of how it relates to your body?

Environment.   Feel the air on your skin.   On a microscopic level, how does that look?    Is it still?   Does it move?   Is there a temperature? If there is noise around you, how do you sit in that? Does the noise have a color, shape, texture? Are you part of your environment, or feeling separate to it? Can you picture yourself as energy in the energy of the room with its color and sounds?   What does that look like?

At the conclusion of this exercise, take the experience to a canvas (or instrument or floor in case of music or movement) and express it creatively, in your own language.

You are invited to share your experience of translating a mindfulness experience into a form of creative expression.