There is an old saying “The More You Know, The More You Realise You Don’t Know”.  

Then the internet was born and we realised what an understatement that was!

With so much to choose from and so little time, most of us rarely read anything thoroughly, just get the “gist” of it and move on.   But the devil is in the details. Mindfulness itself teaches us to slow down, increase awareness of the details.

This website attempts the mammoth task of pulling information from different disciplines together; to make bridges between theory and practice; inform, inspire and support happy productive lives – your life, the lives of your students, clients, patients. We are interested in all things related to activities that practice Mindfulness (implicitly or by design) and Flow (a concept that overlaps Positive Psychology with Activities with Mindfulness), including traditional practices, contemporary research and relevant suggestions for activities.

We can also only scratch the surface of the mountain of information.   But we hope to do so in a way that helps you apply what is interesting and relevant to you.

We provide practical suggestions to individuals and groups that practice Mindfulness through Activities.   We invite people to share their own experiences and suggestions.   We hope over time to help develop networks in small local communities.   If you practice mindfulness in art, why not work together with people in your area who practice TaiChi, yoga, music?

If you would like to advertise your practice and connect to others in your area, please send us information about your work or groups and we shall develop a database to link into local networks and websites, at no cost.

We value your experience and participation. Please join us to help it grow and become a very useful and exciting portal.