Here are just a few of the wonderfully creative people on the spectrum who have found satisfaction (and in some cases, reward) in their creative endeavors.       

I am proud to call many of them my friends and they have made my life more joyful – Steve the architect who sings opera, Daina the woodturner and filmmaker who took me with her to the New York Film Festival when they screened and archived her work, and the fantastical Anie, brilliant ethereal creativity.

Individuals on the autistic spectrum have one common characteristic – each is unique, with unique strengths and potential.    Creativity is a perfect way for people on the spectrum to express their way of seeing the world.

Adulthood often brings a reduction in support and resources.     Many adults on the autistic spectrum have successfully modified their behavior due to experience and support in their early years.   But one of the most resistant traits is anxiety.   Consequently, self imposed isolation and depression is common.

Creative groups offer a place where friendships can grow in a relaxed and happy environment, through shared interests and respect for differences.   In fact, individuality and  “out of the box” thinking is valued!

There are also advantages through the practice of executive skills (planning, problem solving, self regulating), motor skills, language and life skill building.

We offer groups and/or individual support.     Individual support can be tailored to meet relevant needs and challenges, to provide ongoing personal and life skill support in a relaxed environment, and at a reasonable cost.   Partnership with Psychologists, Occupational and Speech Therapists is welcomed.

For further information, please contact Judy.     Tel:  0452 237 447